Training the next generations

The integration of young musicians into the music profession as orchestral players, during but following their studies, is a constant and important focal point of the Orchestre de Paris' cultural project today. 

The Orchestra Academy

Top level training for young talent

The Orchestra is committed to the development of the Academy which it created in 2003 with the aim of creating an experience of top-level practice performance hot house for young high-level talent. This project, redeveloped in close connection with the ecosystem offered by the geographical site of the Philharmonie de Paris, aims to offer an original experience of professional immersion including sustained pedagogical support and participation in the symphonic concerts of the Orchestre de Paris. 

The Orchestre de Paris Chorus Academy

An educational course for young singers from 18 to 25 years old

Created in September 2012 by Lionel Sow, this training course is intended for young people aged 18 to 25 who already have a solid vocal and musical background, most of whom will come from choir schools, youth choirs or conservatoires’ singing classes.  
The specialism of the Academy is to pursue the training of singers to a higher level through a tailor-made pedagogical programme.  
The Academy participates in all the symphonic productions of the Orchestre de Paris Chorus, conducted by guest conductors during the season. At the same time, it performs independently with varying numbers of singers, in other musical programmes. 

The Demos Orchestra  

Orchestre de Paris

In 2020, the Orchestre de Paris will join this project by leading its own Demos Orchestra of about one hundred young Parisians in an advanced training course.  
The musicians of the Orchestra will create a specific training programme for these young people in order to pass on their values of excellence and sharing which are at the heart of their musical beliefs. 

‘Discover the Profession’ Day

The profession of an orchestral musician

In the spring of 2021, at the Philharmonie, the Orchestre de Paris is setting itself up as a "resource partner" for students in the preparatory classes cycle in the Paris Regional conservatoires by offering them a day of professional discovery. On the programme: rehearsals, interaction with the musicians, sectional study sessions, discovering the work behind the scenes...

La Maestra

In March 2020, the Philharmonie initiated the first competition dedicated to female conductors on an international scale. 12 candidates out of more than 200 were chosen in October 2019 and will compete, on this occasion, in front of a gender-balanced jury.  
As part of the dynamic of training young professionals, the Orchestre de Paris will naturally participate in the Maestra Competition and will offer certain prizewinners from this Female Conductors’ Academy the opportunity to conduct concerts for young audiences and certain concerts by the Orchestre de Paris Chorus. 

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