Élèves et enseignants

Une large programmation adaptée à chaque niveau

Concerts éducatifs, répétitions générales, concerts du soir à 5€, l’Orchestre de Paris propose aux élèves de l’élémentaire à l'université ainsi qu’aux conservatoires une large programmation adaptée à chaque niveau.

Les réservations pour les concerts éducatifs pour toute la saison 2021-2022 sont disponibles sur formulaire ici.
Pour les répétitions générales, les réservations seront disponibles sur formulaire ici.
- De septembre à décembre à partir du 8 septembre à 14h.
 - De janvier à juin 2022, à partir du 24 novembre à 14h.

Pour les concerts à 5€,  les réservations seront disponibles par téléphone au suivi de *4. :
- De septembre à décembre de 2020-2021, à partir du 8 septembre à 14h.
- De janvier à juin 2022, à partir du 24 novembre à 14h

Découvrir la brochure scolaire 2021-22

Tools for teachers

Resource packs for educational concerts

A few weeks before the educational concerts, each teacher will receive a resource pack and audio recordings of the works of the programme. A listening guide is also provided to help prepare students for their visit to the Philharmonie de Paris. This pack provides information not only about the works, the composer, the context of the first performance, but also on the symphony orchestra and the role of the conductor. An activity book also helps you to prepare your students with playful and educational material, using dances, songs and games. 

Nursery Rhymes for musical tales

Teaching your young primary school pupils the nursery rhymes to sing during the concert is essential. It is also possible to make a made-to-measure accessory before each musical tale.  A preparation booklet as well as audio recordings will be sent to you by the music education advisors in your district. 

Musical Tales for 4-6 years old

Young primary school pupils

Small chamber groups of musicians from the Orchestre de Paris offer 45-minute concerts in intimate settings conducive to interaction. They narrate and musically illustrate classics from children’s literature, introducing children to the instruments of the orchestra along with song. A fun and informal musical moment ! 
These concerts are based on a close collaboration between the musicians of the Orchestre de Paris, teachers and educational advisers from the City of Paris. They are free of charge via registration with the pedagogical advisers for music education in the arrondissements concerned (13th, 18th, 19th and 20th arrondissements and in Aubervilliers), subject to availability. 

Educational Concerts 

From Primary to Secondary school 

The school educational concerts take place in the Main concert hall of the Philharmonie de Paris.  
These one-hour concerts are designed for all levels, some of which are aimed more at primary school pupils, others at middle school and Secondary school students. The works can be prepared in class thanks to the resource pack and the audio files made available to the teachers.  
Presented in various forms, for instance by actors or accompanied by screened image or live artists, they are an opportunity to discover classical music presented in an enjoyable and educational fashion. 

Evening concerts

Middle and secondary schools, universities, conservatoires

Throughout the symphonic season, middle school, secondary school, college and conservatoire students benefit from a special rate of 5€ for certain evening programmes, subject to availability. 
These young people attend the concert along with other spectators, accompanied by their teacher. (1 free accompanying person for every 10 students). 

Open Dress rehearsals

For everyone

Students from primary school to university and conservatoires are invited to attend the orchestra's last working session before the evening concert, in the Main concert hall of the Philharmonie de Paris. Having been prepared for the works on the programme by the teacher, they will be able to observe the conductor's exchanges with the musicians and the final work in detail. Access to these rehearsals is free of charge via the reservation form and subject to availability. 

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