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From educational concerts and open rehearsals to 5-euro evening concerts, the Orchestre de Paris offers sixth-form and music school students a wide variety of activities adapted to each level. Educational concerts and open rehearsals are free of charge and available on a first-come first-served basis. Reservations can be made online.

Pre-Concert Preparation

Useful tools for teachers

Teacher’s Pack for Educational Concerts
Several weeks before an educational concert, each instructor receives a teacher’s pack along with audio recordings of the works. A listening guide is also offered in order to prepare students fully for their visit to the Philharmonie de Paris. The pack contains information about the works, their composers and the context in which they were written as well as about the orchestra in general and the role of the conductor. It also provides a list of further preparation in the form of fun and didactic activities such as dancing, songs and games.
Rhymes for Musical Tales
We recommend that nursery school teachers provide an introduction to their pupils before each musical tale concert. This could consist of teaching the nursery rhymes to be sung during the concert or making specially designed costumes. A preparation booklet and audio recordings will be sent to you by your local authority’s musical education advisors.
2015-2016 Season
Teachers, you may now reserve your seats on line for the educational concerts and the dress rehearsals.


Musical Tales for 4-6 Year Olds

In small spaces well suited for close teacher-pupil interaction, chamber ensembles drawn from the musicians of the Orchestre de Paris present 45-minute concerts for children. Using classic children’s stories set to music, they introduce the different instruments of the orchestra to young pupils, guaranteeing a moment of laughter, song and shrieks of delight. Concerts for nursery schools are developed through close co-operation among Orchestre de Paris musicians, teachers, and educational advisors of the City of Paris. Places are offered free of charge on a first-come first served basis and must be reserved through the musical education advisors in the relevant arrondissement.

From primary school
to secondary school

Educational concerts

Educational concerts are free of charge and take place in the main auditoriums of the Philharmonie de Paris. Lasting one hour, these concerts are adapted to all levels, some suitable mainly for primary-age schoolchildren and others for sixth-formers. Teacher’s Packs and audio recordings are available for advance preparation of the visit. The concerts are presented by professional actors and are a fun and accessible way for students to discover classical music.


and music schools

5€ Evening Concerts

A limited number of 5€ seats are available to secondary school and music students for certain evening concerts throughout the orchestral season. Accompanied by their teacher (1 teacher free of charge for every ten students), they attend the concert along with the general public.


Open Rehearsals

Music and vocational college and university students are invited to attend the final rehearsal of the orchestra before its evening concert, in the Main Auditorium of the Philharmonie de Paris. Having studied the works on the programme with their professor the students can experience first-hand the interaction between the conductor and musicians and witness last minute fine-tuning before the actual performance. Places are limited and free and charge and must be booked in advance.
Open Rehearsals


The activities for young audiences are supported by the Caisse d'Epargne Ile-de-France and the Cercle de l'Orchestre de Paris.

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