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Come and share a musical moment for the whole family through a wealth of activities for young listeners aged four and up along with accompanying adults. Each musical tale and symphonic concert will take both young and old alike on a magical journey to discover musical stories, images and melodies.

Pre-Concert Preparation

Let’s Make Music!

Workshops for the whole family
Experience music in all its forms through our preparatory workshops run by specialist instructors. Song, movement, body percussion – everything you need to fully grasp and comprehend the music you’ll be hearing in family concerts.
Let your children discover the violin before the concert! Two musicians from the orchestra present the instrument and guide children through their first steps in learning how to play.
Adult Workshops for (grand)parents presented by a musicologist are a fun way to a get to the heart of works on the menu of family concerts, through analysis and vocal or clapping games. Participants will leave with a solid grounding that they can then use on their own to prepare their children or grandchildren for the concert they’ll be attending as a family later in the same week.
Concerts and Workshops
Come along as a family and share a moment rich in emotion. Information concerning the booking of workshops is contained in concert information linked to the Atelier.

For 4-6
year olds

Musical tales

Chamber ensembles of musicians from the Orchestre de Paris along with a narrator present 45-minute children’s concerts, both at the Philharmonie and in local arrondissement town halls. The programme consists of telling familiar stories with musical accompaniment and audience participation in songs and nursery rhymes – singing, laughter and shrieks of delight guaranteed!
Each programme comes with a pre-concert preparation kit, which may include things like words to the rhymes or a cut-out costume. Kits are available online several weeks prior to the concert on the dedicated web page.
All concerts

6 years
and older

Full-length concerts for young people

Specifically designed for younger audiences, these hour-long concerts allow children and their parents to share a magical experience in the Main Auditorium of the Philharmonie de Paris. Major works from the classical music repertory are inventively presented by trained actors and made accessible to everyone. Preparatory workshops are also available to enable audiences to become familiar with the works before the concert.
All concerts


The activities for young audiences are supported by the Caisse d'Epargne Ile-de-France and the Cercle de l'Orchestre de Paris.

Caisse d'épargne  - 30Le Cercle 200 - 68

The Family Concerts are supported by BMW.

BMW 100-100


All family concerts

Sunday 22 October 2017 - 16h, Paris - Philharmonie, Salle de conférence

Sunday 17 December 2017 - 16h, Paris - Philharmonie, Salle de conférence

Sunday 27 May 2018 - 16h, Paris - Philharmonie, Salle de conférence



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