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Daniel Harding

The 2015/2016 season is Paavo Järvi’s sixth as Music Director of the Orchestre de Paris. He was preceded in this role by seven different condcutors, each with a distinct personality that has helped to forge the Orchestra’s unique identity, solid reputation and richly varied repertory.
Discover the story of the Orchestra through the history of its great past conductors.
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Daniel Harding and Thomas Hengelbrock

In September 2016, Daniel Harding will become Music Director of the Orchestre de Paris and Thomes Hengelbrock, Associate Conductor.



119 musicians

The Orchestre de Paris is made up of 119 musicians and as many personalities which create the unique and exceptional chatacter of this formation. Meet the players through videos and interviews. Enter into the backstage of the orchestra.
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300 singers

195 amateur singers and 105 children come together to defend with talent and passion the great works of the symphonic, choral and a cappella repertory. The Principal Choir, The Youth Choir, The Children's Choir : Discover the 5 different choirs of the Orchestre de Paris and their Choirmaster, Lionel Sow.


47 years of history !

Discover the Orchestre de Paris in a short biography which highlights the most important moments of its history as well as its repertory and future engagements.