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Friends of the Orchestra

Le Cercle

Created 30 years ago, le Cercle de l’Orchestre de Paris is a nonprofit organization for individuals who want to support the Orchestre de Paris in its artistic and cultural policy and promote its development in France and abroad.
In particular it enables the Orchestra to develop initiatives to reach out to younger audiences and to young people both from underprivileged backgrounds and suffering from poor health or handicaps.
Attractive Tax Incentives
Your support allows you to claim an income tax deduction equal to 66% of the amount given, up to a limit of 20% of taxable income. The deduction rises to 75% of your gift if you are liable to pay ISF, up to a limit of 50 000€.

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What le cercle

Sharing excellence

Thanks to its members’ subscriptions and gifts, the Cercle de l’Orchestre de Paris helps the Orchestra to finance the following:

  • Education activities for young audiences
  • Training for young professional musicians through the Orchestre de Paris Academy
  • Outreach towards audiences from disadvantaged backgrounds
  • Concert tours to leading concert halls abroad and the most important international festivals

Did you know?

  • A gift of 60 € allows a young person from a needy family to attend a concert of the Orchestra for free.
  • A gift of 370€ pays for two musicians from the Orchestre de Paris to conduct a classroom visit or spend the afternoon at a patient’s bedside.
  • A gift of 5 000€ funds an educational concert that gives 1300 students the opportunity to discover the symphony orchestra.

le Cercle

Membership benefits

Take advantage of exclusive privileges to enhance your concert-going experience, enjoy backstage access and meet the artists in an informal and convivial setting. 
In accordance with the law of 1 August 2003 on cultural sponsorship, you may claim an income tax deduction equal to 66% of the amount given, up to a limit of 20% of taxable income. The deduction rises to 75% of your gift if you are liable to pay ISF, up to a limit of 50 000€.

An annual subscription costs 100€ (150€ for 2 people), to which an additional gift may be added.

Gifts to the Orchestre de Paris are tax-deductible for residents of certain European countries and the USA.
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Legacies, charitable donations,
life insurance policies
Le Cercle de l’Orchestre de Paris is authorized to receive legacies and charitable donations free of inheritance tax as well as life insurance policies.

Contact us

Sandrine Braga Alves
Head of Sponsorship
Tél. : 01 56 35 12 16

Cercle de l'Orchestre de Paris
191 Boulevard Sérurier - 75935 Paris cedex 19


Le Cercle de l’Orchestre de Paris wishes to thank its members for their generous support.

Principal Sponsors - Cercle Charles Munch

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