The Main Chorus

At the heart of the symphonic choral repertoire 

In 1976, at the invitation of Daniel Barenboim, Arthur Oldham founded the Choir of the Orchestre de Paris. He went on to conduct it until 2002. Didier Bouture and Geoffroy Jourdain then shared the conducting of the Choir until 2010. Since September 2011, Lionel Sow has been its Chorusmaster.  

The Chorus is composed of amateur singers with a very good level of singing. Mainly associated with the Orchestre de Paris, the chorus regularly collaborates with other symphonic formations, in Paris, in France or abroad. Its development requires constant training and a drive for artistic excellence. 

The Academy of the Orchestre de Paris Chorus 

Une pépinière de jeunes talents

A fertile preparatory setting for the development of young talent.

Created in September 2012 by Lionel Sow, this training course is aimed more particularly at young people aged between 18 and 25 with a solid vocal and musical background, and of which most of the choristers will come from the best choir schools, youth choirs or conservatory singing classes.  

The specificity of the Academy is to train singers to a higher musical level thanks to an adapted pedagogy. The Academy participates in all the symphonic productions of the  Orchestre de Paris Chorus, collaborating with guest conductors during the season, whilst concurrently  performing independently, with varying numbers of singers, in other musical programmes. 

The Chamber Choir 

From the symphonic to the a cappella repertoire  

Created in 2013, this Chamber Choir is aimed at very good singers who have a solid vocal training and a great autonomy in the preparation of the music. Its small size allows it to perform other works in addition to symphonic programmes. It can thus be brought in to perform alone, or with guest ensembles and orchestras. 

Rehearsals and training

Rehearsals at the Philharmonie de Paris  
The symphonic chorus which brings together the 3 formations (Main chorus, Academy, Chamber choir) rehearses all together on Tuesday evenings (outside school holidays), from 20h00 to 22h30 and in partial rehearsals on Monday or Wednesday from 20h to 22h (outside school holidays). 

The Academy and the Chamber Choir also rehearse one weekend a month to work on programmes specific to each one of them.

Pedagogical training is a constant concern within the Orchestre de Paris Chorus in order to maintain this level of excellence. The singers have the opportunity of taking singing lessons to continue to perfect their art. They can take individual lessons, given by a team of experienced singing teachers. These 45-minute lessons take place every week or every fortnight depending on the formula chosen, and are accompanied on the piano every other day. Registration is possible within the limit of available places and involves a financial contribution.

The academicians benefit from a pedagogical system that provides complementary lessons to the rehearsals and singing lessons which include ensemble music, interpretation and languages. Teaching team: Sylvia Kervorkian, Erick Mahé, Valérie Millot, Baptiste Jore, François Levy, Léa Sarfai, Camila Toro Beltran, Margot Modier, Daïnouri Choque, Susanna Poddighe. 

The singers

Louise Alexis, Grégory Allou, Paul Alric, Louise Amsallem, Françoise Anav-Mallard, Louis Anderson, Maïlys Arbaoui-Westphal, Camila Argolo, Timothy Artusio, Timothée Asensio Frery, Marie Aubry, Virginie Bacquet, Nida Baierl, Ida Barat, Jean-Sébastien Basset, Corinne Berardi, Manon Bonneville, Roxane Borde, Anne Boulet-Gercourt, Vincent Boussac, Paul Brochen, Agnès Bucquet, Magalie Bulot, Sophie Cabanes, Clara Callewaert, Lucie Camps, Pere Canut De Las Heras, Isabelle Carlean-Jones, Mylène Cassan, Julien Catel, Christine Cazala, Jean-François Cérézo, Léonie Chappard, Ferréol Charles, Cécile Chéraqui, Anne Chevalier, Marie-Agathe Chevalier, Sabine Chollet, Olivier Clément, Stéphane Clément, Pierre Colas, Maia-Angelica Costa, Justin Coubé, Thomas Crouigneau, Virginie Da Vinha-Estève, Lola Dauthieux, Françoise Davril, Alice De Monfreid, Colombe De Poncins, Marie-Albane De Saint-Victor,
Xavier De Snoeck, Aliénor De Vallée, Gilles Debenay, Valentin Delafontaine, Violette Delhommeau, Christiane Détrez-Lagny, Fatoumata Dicko-Dogan, Stéphane Dri, Julien Dubarry, Romain Dufrêne, Ghislain Dupré, Thibaut Eguether, Katarina Eliot, Emmanuel Enault, Chloé Fabreguettes, Renaud Farkoa, Patrick Félix, Noam Fima, Daniel Fortmann, Pierre Gadeau, Stéphanie Gaillard, Maud Gastinel, Nathalie Gauthier, Audrey Gourdin, Matthieu Gourdon, Nicolas Grégis, Stéphane Grosclaude, Laurent Guanzini, Thomas Guillaussier, Christophe Gutton, Martin Hosch, Elisabeth Houpert, Christopher Hyde, Caroline Irigoin, Alain Ishema Karamaga, Didier Kaleff, Caroline Koclejda, Benoit Labaune, Serge Lacorne, Clémence Lalaut, Sylvie Lapergue, Marc Laugenie, Clémence Laveggi, Grégoire Lecomte, 
Jaeyoon Lee, Nicole Leloir, Julie Lempernesse, Gilles Lesur, Eric Leurs, Pierre Logerais, Louis Lorieux, Suzanne Louvel, Zôé Lyard, Eliott Majerowicz, Sandra Markovic, Catherine Marnier, Maxime Martelot, Salvador Mascarenhas, Nicolas Maubert, Agnès Maurel, Jill McCoy, Florence Mededji-Guieu, Virginie Mekongo, Toni Mendes, Catherine Mercier, Augustin Mondan, Michiko Monnier, Sarah Morisot, Alice Moutier, Anne Muller-Gatto, Pierre Nyounay Nyounay, Marie-Josée Pasternak, Martine Patrouillault, Coline Pélissier, David Pergaud, Didier Péroutin, Coline Pesnot, Sébastien Pettoello, Denis Peyrat, Pierre Philippe, Eric Picouleau, Frédéric Pineau, Guillaume Pinta, Philippe Quilès, Ny Ifaliana Ratrema, Arnaud Razafindralambo, Juliette Reibel, Clarisse Rérolle, Aude Réveille, Philippe Robichaud, Ludivine Ronceau-Quesada, Cécile Roque Alsina, Frédéric Royer, Cécile Sagnier, Lola Saint-Gilles, Charline Samphel, Véronique Sangin, Silvia Sauer-Witwicky, Sandrine Scaduto, Anaïs Schneider, Mathilde Segal, Ares Siradag, Bénédicte Six, Neli Sochirca, David Suzanne, Nina Tchernitchko, Clément Tixier, Clémence Tolot, Marly Trépy, Emmanuel Tridant, Bruno Vaillant, Arié Vaisbrot, Margarita Van Dommelen, Fanny Vantomme, Anna Vateva, François Verger, Swann Veyret, Annick Villemot, Clothilde Wagner, Michel Watelet, Victor Wetzel.